Your wedding day is going to be perfect. Whether it has taken months (or even years) of planning and hard work, or is something that you’ve decided to do quickly, hours of thought will go into planning your day. You’ll be surrounded by the people you love most- family and friends who want nothing but to share in your happiness on what is a life changing day. What ever you do and where ever you are, your wedding day is about celebrating commitment and love, and about creating special memories. Having a wedding photographer who can capture the spirit of your day is an essential step in your planning, and one that we would feel privileged to help you with.
We love taking wedding photographs and creating beautiful images that couples can cherish for many years to come, share with loved ones and children, and have forever. By using our skilled, experienced and seasoned photographers for your special day you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we are doing what you need us to do.
Taking successful wedding pictures is about so much more than standing the family in a line and taking a formal photograph. Our photographers will be with you throughout your day, from the preparations until at least the first dance, capturing and recording your story on film. Every couple’s wedding day has it’s own special atmosphere, ambiance and attitude, and it is this that our wedding photographers will focus on catching. Our photographic vision is to create photos that stir up memories of special moments on the day, and even allow you to experience the moments that you may have missed- games between children, moments of tenderness between the parents of the bride and groom as they watch their children make the biggest step of their lives, fun on the dance floor and smiles at the ceremony. Whether your wedding is formal, traditional or relaxed- small or big using us as a wedding photographer will ensure that you get the wedding photography package that you want.
Our approach is flexible, and we will want to meet with you before the wedding day to talk about your ideas and wishes for your photographs. You can also spend some time with us looking through some of our wedding galleries and discussing the style of photograph you like most. If you want to discuss the technical part then of course we’re happy to do so, but you can rest assured that we use the best quality digital equipment both on site and in the processing afterwards, ensuring your photographs are clear, crisp and perfectly shot and produced.
The Preparations
Our wedding photographers will spend time before the ceremony capturing the excitement as the bride and groom spend time apart with their respective family and friends, preparing for the biggest moment of their life. The process of getting ready is an important one, and beautiful photographs of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, of the pride in the eyes of the mother of the bride as she sees her daughter for the first time, and of that moment of friendship between the groom and his best man as they check the wedding rings and final preparations, are all parts of your day that photographs help you to share and re-live after the event.
The Ceremony
What ever kind of ceremony you choose, our wedding photographer will be ready to capture the atmosphere, the light and the colors that are important for memories. Different venues and settings need different approaches to photography, for example a beach wedding uses different skills and equipment to a traditional church wedding, but don’t worry, our wedding photographer will take care of making sure that everything is right.
The Reception
Once the formalities are over in the ceremony, you and your guests start to relax and enjoy your day of celebration and love. After capturing as many formal shots with family and friendship groups as you have requested, our wedding photographer will move into the background, watching and recording the interaction between your guests in a comfortable and informal way. This way you will get a set of photographs that really reflect your day and the fun that people had, and will have memories to treasure forever.
All of our packages are based around you, and your requirements, and will be tailor made to suit the day that you have planned. We feel privileged to enjoy every wedding we attend, and are continually refreshed by the opportunities that weddings give for great photography. We pride ourselves on being friendly and professional wedding photographers, and look forward to working with every couple we meet.
Written by Eleni Dona, wedding photographer and owner of Montaz Productions. Exclusively specialized at weddings or gamos, as some says in Greek language.

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