There is almost no day more special than a couples wedding day. This is the day when they unite their love and become one team of souls, rather than two lone individuals. It is the time when friends and family gather to celebrate devotion of love and the beginning of a beautiful new life. Memories are created and time is spent which can never be recaptured, so it is most important to well document this celebration . This is where a good wedding photographer comes into play. It is by photographs that these precious memories will be preserved, and so one must take care when choosing said photographer.
When choosing the wedding photographer it is important to consider reputation. Ask around and get accounts as to how he or she has handled past jobs. If you have a wedding planner they may be able to recommend photographers that they have worked with in the past. This is a good starting point in your search. As well, talk to couples who have used the photographer and ask how they would rate the professionalism of this individual and quality of their work. Another great way to judge the work of this artist is to ask the couple to see actual photographs which were taken at their wedding ceremony. Most new brides are more than happy to take out the photo album and share memories of her special day. While viewing the photos this will give you an opportunity to judge the wedding photographers style impartially. These will be legitimate photos which were provided to the couple, not just a portfolio of best work which has been chosen to show potential clients. It will be a more accurate reflection of the actual attention and work you will receive upon hiring this individual.
Once you have narrowed down your search schedule a consultation appointment with the wedding photographer you are considering. This consultation is a time when you can sit down with the photographer and get to know more about them and their work. You should prepare a list of questions before the meeting so as not to forget key questions you may have. This list of questions may include things such as pricing, number of photographs, times, style etc. You may ask to see a portfolio of past jobs and acquire a better understanding of what services they offer.
As you evaluate this person take care to assess their personality as well as ability. Though skill is of utmost importance, a friendly personality is a must in wedding photographers. After all, the photographer will most likely be working with an assortment of people, ranging from elderly aunts and grandparents, to young children and babies. He or she needs to have patients and personality in order to place those being photographed at ease.
Make certain that you have a clear understanding of the moments you wish to have photographed. The wedding photographer needs to know what is important to you as a couple. He or she needs to know which moments you desire to preserve. Of course they will be photographing the actual ceremony itself, but there are sure to be other important events you wish to have documented as well. If you would like to have photos taken at the rehearsal dinner, reception, bonding moments between bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen etc., you need to express this to the wedding photographer in advance.
As well make certain that this professional has a creative side and is accented with enthusiasm. It is often the spontaneous photographs which later have most meaning. Those which are taken when not expected, when one is not posing or knowing they are being photographed. Many times these shots are more natural and capture priceless memories.
In closing, do your homework and don’t be afraid to interview more than one wedding photographer. Meet with several and compare each one. Don’t feel rushed, pressured, or persuaded to just “settle”. This is your special day, and it will only take place one time. You can never go back and redo it. You have every right to take your time and choose a wedding photographer that you both feel confident in and that you are comfortable with.
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