Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. As everyone knows, it can take countless hours and days of preparation, ideas, commitment and energy to make your day as perfect as you want it to be. Once the day arrives you want to be able to enjoy it, see your guests smile at all of the surprises and lovely touches you’ve planned, and to actually enjoy the day yourself. After all those months of planning, for many couples the day passes all too quickly. No matter how much you try to spread yourself amongst your guests there will still be moments of your day that you’ll miss, and moments that you’ll want to preserve for ever. This is where a great wedding video comes in, creating a permanent memory of your special day to cheer you up when you feel down, allowing you to relive, re-enjoy and share with close family and friends when ever you want to.
Why have a wedding video.
No matter how camera shy you are, you will look great on your wedding day. It’s a day when you’re at your happiest, and a time that you’ll want to remember for ever. Family and friends might take videos, but a professional photographer can do so much more to create a video that reflects the atmosphere and progress of your day. When your daughter’s favorite video is the video of ‘mummy looking like a princess’ you’ll remember why you chose to create this memory, and how important it is to be able to share it with her.
What’s important in a wedding video and videographer.
A professionally produced wedding video will capture the spirit of your day, and it is this that the camera people from Montaz Productions work so hard to achieve. Whether it is in choosing the right background music, when to include speech or choosing what lighting and tone to use, a professional videographer will know how to make your footage look it’s best. Montaz Productions pride themselves on being a part of your wedding day, on blending into the background and ensuring that you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. The best footage is often achieved when you don’t realize the camera is on you, and by observing and moving around the celebrations your camera person can capture lots of natural, happy moments for you to treasure for years to come.
For a good wedding video videographer, what happens in the editing suite is as important as the film taken on the wedding day itself. Footage of your entire day will be edited into a video of maybe an hour or so, and so it is important that your videographer knows what to leave in, and what to miss out. they’ll only know this through years of experience, and through taking the time to get to know you, spending time with you and your guests on your big day.
Options for your wedding video.
How you want your video to look is up to you, and at Montaz Productions there are a number of different styles and look of video you can have. Some couple like to have the whole ceremony on film, others prefer a montage of shots set to romantic music, or to their favorite tunes or first dance. Some like to see some dreamy, soft exposure shots, others prefer a clearer, daylight type shot. Montaz Productions use the latest technology both in the editing suite and onsite on the day itself, ensuring that what ever style you choose it’s available as you want it. Some couple like to actually ‘perform’ some parts of their wedding video with sketches, first dances or pre wedding interviews. Others like to experiment with the idea of the guest book as a video diary, with guests all being recorded with their own private message for the couple. You can be as creative or traditional as you like, remember it’s your day, and your video is a reflection of how you want the day to be.
As a gift.
Your wedding video footage will be yours to keep forever, and it can make a great gift for someone you want to say thank you to for helping with your wedding plans. Mothers of the bride can spend hours reminiscing about the day their baby got married- one of the best things about your wedding video will be sharing it with friends, family and future generations for years to come.
This article, was written by Eleni Dona, wedding photographer and owner of Montaz Productions Wedding Photography.

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